How it works

Research has shown that the quality of the relationship between a client and therapist is a major factor in effective psychotherapy.  The techniques used have been found to be less important than the relationship the client and therapist build together.  It is therefore very important to find a counsellor or psychotherapist with whom you feel safe and have a connection.  It is a good idea to talk to a few counsellors and psychotherapists before deciding on which one suits you best.  You also need to ensure your therapist is qualified and experienced.  The professional bodies governing counselling and psychotherapy practice in Ireland i.e. Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (IACP) and Irish Association for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) set the standards a therapist needs to reach for accreditation.  The IACP and IAHIP websites also list the details of accredited therapists along with their qualifications.  So this can be a good place for you to start your search.

At D2 Counselling and Psychotherapy we understand the importance of finding a counsellor with whom you can connect.  We are happy to respond to any questions you may have and discuss the process with you fully before you make any commitment.  Following an initial contact the therapist will meet you to discuss the difficulty and your expectations of therapy process.  Hopefully after that you will have a good idea about whether or not the therapist is right for you.  If so, you will normally meet weekly for an agreed number of sessions.  It is not always possible to predict how many sessions will be required.  Periodic reviews give both client and therapist a space to discuss the work completed and mutually agree a decision to end or continue with the therapy.

Sessions are usually weekly for a duration of an hour.  The cost per session is €60.  However we also operate a sliding scale which can be agreed with your therapist.